Month 4 – 1SE

Another wonderful month of busy moments and calm nights at home. Well, as calm as you can be with a toddler in your life. Here we go! Life from August 22-September 21, 2016.


  1. Family Dinner. (Fish, Couscous, Carrots and Milk)
  2. Brooks rocking and rolling with is tummy time.
  3. Momma reading her book to Brooks.
  4. Momma’s night out,  movie date with Aubray. We saw Bad Moms, so good!!
  5. KHAK Radiothon.
  6. Historic Night at Kinnick – First ever concert with headliner Blake Shelton!! (Singing Austin here, my favorite song of his!)
  7. A day at the Peterson’s. Smith was in heaven between the golf cart ride and playing with all Keegan’s toys.
  8. Brooks sitting up so big!! First time in the bumbo.
  9. Brooks grabbing, shaking and smiling with his rattle.
  10. Sanitizing pump parts. This is real life people!
  11. Getting back in to jogging with my neighbor. It’s painful.
  12. A glimpse of hoodie season!!! Sadly, it didn’t last long. It’s been so darn hot.
  13. Jimmy Buffett at Alpine. This marks the 5th trip Aaron and I have made to see him here (plus two others together, and an additional one for him). He’s our happy place.
  14. Park time.
  15. Niece Kayla is a teenager. Say WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?
  16. Big Grandma’s birthday — Mary Ann celebrating 88 years young!
  17. Brother bath time. It works, kinda. 🙂
  18. Brooks helping Momma meal plan.
  19. Paw Patrol — all day every day for Smith. He’s obsessed!
  20. Hawkeye Express train ride to head down to tailgate a bit for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.
  21. Play time – Smith loves his letters.
  22. HA HA! I broke down and got Snap Chat. Face swap = hilarious!
  23. Brooks finding his toes.
  24. Playing catch, or rather, rolling a ball.
  25.  Project Runway premiere. Season 15, and I’ve been here for all of them.
  26. Date Night Done Right — Sister Act at Theatre Cedar Rapids.
  27. Another fun tailgate with friends and kids.
  28. Move It! Dig It! Event at the Children’s Museum. Smith loved it.
  29. Maddie’s Cross Country meet in Solon. Aaron’s first one!
  30. Typical night in the neighborhood, kids all over loving every minute of it. (Also, Smith being particular and Aaron being goofy — sounds about right! :))
  31. Brooks’ tuckered out after his 4-month shots. And those bug bites, GOODNESS!

We hit a lot of milestones with Brooks this month. Including Momma and Daddy’s first overnight away from him. It’s never easy, but always kind of nice to break the ice!!

Bring on fall, we are ready!!!!!!!


Month 3 – 1SE

Wrapping up the first quarter using 1SE. Still loving it and the memories it triggers looking back. Enjoy!

Month 3 in Lagneaux Land, July 22-August 21, 2016.

cover snip

  1. [Bonus picture] Brooks’ 2-month milestone picture.
  2. Aaron cleaning bottles with his drill. Oye!
  3. Smith painting.
  4. Movie Date with best friends Aubray, Cruz and Jaxson – Secret Life of Pets.
  5. Walking to work.
  6. Fresh new start to a book.
  7. Maiden boat ride of the summer with friends.
  8. Craft night with the neighbor gals.
  9. Friday donuts at the office are my jam!
  10. Bonfire at the neighbors.
  11. Haircut by Daddy.
  12. Smith walking in to our room to snuggle, with all his animals and Lovie in tow. (Gone are the days of him staying in bed!)
  13. Flying to Colorado!
  14. Paddle boarding on Lake Dillon.
  15. Gondola ride with Smith, Jess and Lexi.
  16. Cousin Noel’s wedding.
  17. The Olympics have kicked off, Rio 2016!
  18. Brother play time.
  19. Pumping. All the pumping.
  20. Resume work.
  21. Smith attempting to feed Brooks. Hehehe!
  22. Ice cream, because it’s summer.
  23. Brooks is such a happy little dude.
  24. Longview Estates block party.
  25. Rolling from tummy to back for the first time!
  26. Strep throat (round two) and more Olympics. Love the track and field!
  27. Sushi date for our anniversary.
  28. Wipers on the bus go, swish-swish-swish!
  29. Bath time.
  30. Walking around the pond looking at jumping frogs.
  31. North Liberty’s inaugural Porch Festival.
  32. Stories with Papa Jim at George’s 3rd birthday party.

Month 2 – 1SE

Here is month two in Lagneaux Land. Moments captured from June 22-July 21, 2016. Enjoy!

cover snip

  1. Stories and naps.
  2. Playing at the mall.
  3. Driveway beers – we love our neighbors!
  4. Smith reading stories to Brooks.
  5. Folding laundry – while wrapping!
  6. First bottle with Dad.
  7. Bike rides.
  8. Walks.
  9. Pedicures.
  10. Our first road trip to Spirit Lake! (It only took an extra hour and a half! ;))
  11. Shucking corn, yum!
  12. Fun at Arnold’s Park. The fishes and boats were Smith’s favorite.
  13. 4th of July parade in Iowa Falls.
  14. First smiles. And they are oh-so-sweet!
  15. Scott and Jess visit!
  16. Friend gathering.
  17. Breaking Bad binge (and by binge, I mean we watch line one episode a week!)
  18. Blues and BBQ.
  19. Smith made Grandma Barb a birthday cake.
  20. Morning snoozes.
  21. Work trip to Chicago (H&M!).
  22. Happy Birthday Grandma, thanks for staying with us!
  23. Geyer’s Pizza in Oxford.
  24. Smith helping Daddy make hamburgers.
  25. Aaron’s tomato garden.
  26. Alexa (Amazon Echo) signing Itsy Bitsy for Smith.
  27. Yoga, Ahhhhhhh!
  28. So fresh and so clean after bath.
  29. Smith making us coffee cake.
  30. Sprinklers. Hottest.Summer.Ever!

One Second Everyday – Month 1

I’m one of those gals who loves the idea of crafty/keepsake things — yet I don’t always like putting in the effort it takes. Hello Smith’s baby book that has two pages filled in. Don’t judge!!  However, I am excellent at copying ideas from those blessed with the creative juices. So alas, here is my latest little project. Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers/social media personalities, Elise Joy, for sharing this awesome app.

So what is it? It’s called One Second Everyday (1SE) and the idea is that you record one second of your life every day and merge it all together in a video. So my goal is to capture our first year of life as a complete family of four.


Photo cred.

So I plan to share it in this space with a quick note about each second. Consider this my monthly scrapbook;  Month 1 – 1SE.

  1. Brooks is born, his very first photo!
  2. I’m a Momma of two boys, our family of four.
  3. Going home!
  4. Smith sharing his Lovie with Brooks (big deal!!).
  5. A family walk on a nice summer night (ugh, post-preggo bod!)
  6. Cheers! A pit stop at a brewery for my first drink in 10 months.
  7. Meeting Big Grandma for the first time.
  8. Snuggles. All the snuggles!
  9. Cousin Ian’s graduation party.
  10. And then there were nine. All the [Brown] cousins.
  11. A relaxing night at home with our feet up and babes sleeping.
  12. Ice cream truck!!
  13. Milk coma.
  14. Smith picking on Brooks. The first, but not the last, time!
  15. DSM Farmers Market with some great friends.
  16. Cousin Alex’s wedding in Des Moines.
  17. Peaceful sleeper.
  18. Story time with Daddy.
  19. Snack time on our new table (thanks G&G Brown!).
  20. Garage Sale SCORE!
  21. Dinner with friends.
  22. Minion movie at Kinnick.
  23. Brooks cool new stool from G&G Lagneaux.
  24. Play date with the Felton family.
  25. Tummy Time.
  26. Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  27. Brooks loves the swing.
  28. Garage beers with neighbors.
  29. Fire Station fun!
  30. Fathers Day – Swim party and drive in (Finding Dory)!
  31. Tootsie face!
  32. Fishing with Friends.

If I intrigued you with this app – I’m glad. I really do love it! Some helpful hints I learned in my first month.
~Hold your phone horizontally, it fills the frame better.
~Those “moving” photos you can take on an iPhone work great.
~Don’t overthink it. For me it’s about capturing life. All of it. Not every day is fancy!
~Whatever your goal may be, break it down to be manageable. For me, it was more my phone storage that made me chunk it out, but now I’m really excited to turn it in to a digital monthly scrapbook.

Dirty Thirty

It’s a big day today folks. I turned 30. That’s THIRTY, 3-0, The Dirty Thirty, a new decade. Ohf-ta!! In honor of the big day, I thought I’d write a list. One of my favorite things. I figured it would be impossible to think of 30 life highlights (not because they don’t exist, but because it would be impossible to write them all down!), but I can think of 30 things that I love in my life, or just about life in general (in no particular order). I mean what better day to count your blessings than the day that starts a whole new year of life, right??

1. My handsome son, Smith.
2. My handsome and charming husband.
3. My sisters. Who are constantly teaching and showing me you truly can ‘have it all.’
4. My parents. Who show me time and time again what unconditional love really means.
5. My brother-in-laws. I couldn’t have asked for better ones if I could have picked them myself. They add some awesome value to our trivia teams! 😉
6. My nieces and nephews. Who constantly make me giggle. And are the key to keeping me young. It’s all about SnapChat and Rainbow Looms, yo! Wait…do kids these days still say ‘yo’?!
7. My mother/father-in-law. Honestly, I struck GOLD here people. They are so helpful and supportive helping us out with Smith. And are always good for that, ‘oh hey I just happen to have stopped by over dinner time….!’ 🙂
8. All of my other in-law family. They are such a great (slightly crazy, in a good way!!) crew. Mass group text are our new thing and I dig it!
9. My friends. There are not enough words in the world for all of these wonderful people in my life. From grade school, high school, college, and grown-up life. They all hold a special place in my heart.
10. My husbands friends, who have become my friends. They are such a special group of people. Many can learn from them on how to stay close as the years go by. It’s impressive and I’m honored to be apart of it.
11. My job. It’s challenging, fulfilling and based on relationships of all kinds. I truly enjoy going everyday.
12. My co-workers. They are a goofy bunch, as I was reminded of today at lunch, and with the crazy days we have, we need that fun!
13. My house that is a home. The walls grew a bit smaller with the introduction of our son, but it will always be our first home and hold a special place in my heart. That makes it sound like we are moving or something….we are not…yet!!
14. Going back to school. Yes it’s costly, yes it’s time away from my boys and other fun things, but I very much enjoy pushing myself to be a better professional.
15. Living in Iowa. Sure, it’s bitterly freezing right now and the summers get annoying humid, but I choose to live here for a reason. The heartland is just that…full of heart. I love traveling away, but I love calling this pace of life home.
16. More specifically, living in the Corridor. We are right in the middle of it in North Liberty and am thankful for the options of shopping, dining and play we have in this area. Those who say there is nothing to do, don’t look hard enough. Now, if we could only get our farmer’s market every Saturday….! 😉
17. On this trend, Okoboji. It’s our summer escape and I love every second of it. I simply cannot wait to get Smith up there!!
18. Participating in fitness races. I signed up for my first post-baby race for this coming August. I’ll likely do a couple between now and then, but August is my prize race. I love the adrenaline rush from racing and appreciate the motivation to get, and hopefully stay, in shape!
19. Traveling. I’m not a world-traveler by any means, but my hubs and I try to escape once and a great while. Lucky for us, we have a lot of great friends around the country to visit. And great friends that plan trips we tag along on! 😉 This year’s agenda: Colorado, Mexico and NYC.
20. Pampering. We all have guilty pleasures, right? I am okay admitting that I probably have more than others. But, I like to argue that it keeps me happier too! 🙂 An occasional mani/pedi, a shopping trip, etc. It clears my mind and rejuvenates me to keep on swimming!
21. Watching movies. I love escape from reality movies provide. It’s award season, which I really enjoy. I made a tiny dent in the Best Picture nominees, but not by much. I hope to see some more before the Oscars air!
22. Attending concerts and theater shows. I always look forward to catching a couple good shows outdoors over the summer months, but attending plays in the winter is a fun treat too. So far on the docket: Spamalot here in a couple weeks. I need to work on this list!!
23. My health. I think everyone needs to take more time to appreciate their health. I’m thankful I dodge the flu and cold season often without coming down with anything (KNOCK ON WOOD), but also that I don’t have to deal with anything much bigger than that (KNOCK ON WOOD). People need to be more thankful for this, every day.
24. Parties. Who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate…anything? Birthday? Yes! Anniversary? Yes! Retirement? Yes! New hair color? Why Not!!
25. FaceTime. I vow to use this more in 2014 and beyond. I mean why just call a friend that lives away when you can SEE them?! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy catching up with friends that are separated with miles in between. Maternity leave with some awesome mommy friends have really made me realize how great this is!
26. Sweet treats. Remember when I said I had a lot of guilty pleasures? Sweets is a big one! But I’m ending my birthday with a cupcake with my husband and life can’t get much better than that!
27. My blog. Truly, I love having a blog. It’s my person diary that people seem to enjoy. How flattering! 😉 I caught myself looking back at some pregnancy posts during one of my mid-night feedings with Smith. I love having life documented!
28. Lake and Pool time. My in-laws have a pool. My hubs and I have a boat and live right by a reservoir. Well…in the summer at least! 😉
29. Sleep. It really is something one can take for granted before a baby enters their life. I look forward to getting more than a couple hours at a time. But until then, I just remind myself that I’ll miss that one-on-one time with my man when those days are gone.
30. And last but not least…just…life. It’s great. Appreciate it friends! Don’t take things for granted, and be a good friend. Keep in touch. Technology makes it too easy NOT to.

Cheers to the next thirty years. Now, I’m off to enjoy that cupcake!


Oh Baby!

photo with textSo there you have it folks, a baby is on the way!! I can’t promise that I won’t blog about the realities of being pregnant, and eventually a life with a baby, but I can promise to keep sharing my fashion and love of shoes!!:)
So here we go, a little timeline for those who like the details…

It was a Tuesday night…just kidding! 😉 Not THOSE details. Gross. Fast forward a bit….

St. Patrick’s Day – A successful home pregnancy test! It took a few months of trying, so it was great to score some luck of the Irish! I immediately wake up the hubs, text/call my BFF and sisters.
March 19th – Pregnancy confirmed with a lab test at my doctor’s office. Here we go!! It’s so weird to think by this point I’m 5 weeks along.
March 20th – Head to Charleston for a friends weekend. EK! A week with close friends, at a beach house, for a friend’s wedding, with free booze. Let the game of ‘fake drinking’ begin!! My hubs got called out by his BFF. Guess I didn’t fake drink too well!
April 3 – 7 weeks along, I throw up for the first time in the morning. Oye! I quickly, and luckily, learned that taking my prenatal vitamins with my breakfast (as opposed to when I wake up, about a 45 min difference of time) is key, and with that, I never got sick again. I did have to change my eating habits a bit to have lots of smaller meals, and lay off the fried food. Something I should do anyways, right!? 😉
Week 8 – My first doctor appointment, with my nurse. Talk about a LOT of information, but I was ready to get reading. We also spread the news to our parents*…so exciting!

*For both sets of parents, we told them by giving a set of “Congrats” balloons. As in “we wanted to be the first to congratulate you on being grand parents again!” This is lucky number 3 and 7 in our families! 🙂

photo 2

This baby is spoiled already by Grandma Barb. She immediately took me to Walmart for a shopping spree! 🙂

photo 1 Week 11 – My BFF, who had a baby in January, walked me around the baby section at Target. Wowza, how can three small isles have SO.MUCH.STUFF.!!
Week 12 – We get to hear, and see, baby for the first time. Simply amazing!!!! I got a little more choked up with hearing baby than I did seeing him/her. Something about that perfect little beat. We immediately Face-Timed with friends every night this week. Such fun news to share. We had a lot of ‘I thought maybe…’, etc. But for the most part everyone was 100% surprised with our news.
photo 3
Week 13 – I started getting, and feeling, the ‘beer gut’ stage. I learned that some of this was a touch of constipation (TMI, deal with it, I’m here to help other preggos!), which was a new concept for me. Regardless of that issue, turns out the little plump was here to stay. Since I hadn’t told work yet, the flowy blouse trend was my friend!
Week 14 – I tell my manager, which went up the ladder to our director and department heads. Phew, another cat out of the bag! Everyone was so happy for me, here I was all prepared to talk about leave already and they just wanted to celebrate and hear how I was feeling. Ahhh. Another amazing reminder how great of a place I work! We also took the ‘shoe’ photo above at the Lake over Memorial Day weekend and announced our news to the world via Facebook. Talk about feeling the love! 🙂
Week 15 – I swam the first leg of a triathlon that the hubs finished.
photo (38)
Week 16 – My second doctor’s appointment takes place. Talk about short and sweet, which is good considering that means everything is going well. And that heartbeat again….love it! Also, it’s the first ‘selfie’ I took to send to my Mom and Sisters:

photo 1 photo 2

Phew, that was lengthy. Sorry, I shouldn’t have let so many weeks go by!! I guess more happens than you realize!

Some other highlights/answers to the most common questions, so far:

  • I’m 17 weeks, today!
  • No, we aren’t finding out if it’ll be a boy or girl.
  • I’ve been feeling great. Hate me now, I know. Considering I have moments where I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near ready to bring a life in to the world, I take this as a sign that my body is ready, my heart is certainly ready…and everything else will fall in to place. Ahhh yes, to be naive!
  • We have nursery colors planned to be gray and yellow. Some other ideas in play here; we are having our nieces and nephews create artwork over the summer to frame and be hung up for some color wall decor. Grandma B has already made a quilt with awesome fabric we picked out together.
    photo 5
  • My official due date is November 20th.
  • I don’t know how long I’m taking for maternity leave, I have plenty of time to figure that out, which I’m thankful for!
  • Yes we’ve talked about names, and honestly already have them pretty much set. No…I’m NOT sharing!! 😉
  • I haven’t been running simply because I found it uncomfortable early on. My chest, well, perked up quite quickly and since I never really got ‘in to shape’ this Spring I found my breathing to just be really off. So I swim, a lot, and walk, a lot and bike, a little. And also just ordered a prental yoga video I am excited to tackle!
  • We are meeting/interviewing our first day-care next week.
  • Things bought so far: crib, glider, dresser, and new ceiling light.
  • I’m loving Burt’s Bee’s Belly Butter to (hopefully!) help prevent stretch marks.
  • I was proactive in gathering some maternity clothes from friends that I knew were done with having kids, as long ago as last March. My BFF used them for her pregnancy and added a few things to ‘our tote’, so I’m excited, and thankful, to have a good start there. To date, I’m still rocking my normal clothes. But I’m thinking that will soon change. Yesterday was my first day with the ‘rubber band trick’ on some work slacks!!
  • Yes, this baby will have some rockin’ style, regardless of gender!!