Month 3 – 1SE

Wrapping up the first quarter using 1SE. Still loving it and the memories it triggers looking back. Enjoy!

Month 3 in Lagneaux Land, July 22-August 21, 2016.

cover snip

  1. [Bonus picture] Brooks’ 2-month milestone picture.
  2. Aaron cleaning bottles with his drill. Oye!
  3. Smith painting.
  4. Movie Date with best friends Aubray, Cruz and Jaxson – Secret Life of Pets.
  5. Walking to work.
  6. Fresh new start to a book.
  7. Maiden boat ride of the summer with friends.
  8. Craft night with the neighbor gals.
  9. Friday donuts at the office are my jam!
  10. Bonfire at the neighbors.
  11. Haircut by Daddy.
  12. Smith walking in to our room to snuggle, with all his animals and Lovie in tow. (Gone are the days of him staying in bed!)
  13. Flying to Colorado!
  14. Paddle boarding on Lake Dillon.
  15. Gondola ride with Smith, Jess and Lexi.
  16. Cousin Noel’s wedding.
  17. The Olympics have kicked off, Rio 2016!
  18. Brother play time.
  19. Pumping. All the pumping.
  20. Resume work.
  21. Smith attempting to feed Brooks. Hehehe!
  22. Ice cream, because it’s summer.
  23. Brooks is such a happy little dude.
  24. Longview Estates block party.
  25. Rolling from tummy to back for the first time!
  26. Strep throat (round two) and more Olympics. Love the track and field!
  27. Sushi date for our anniversary.
  28. Wipers on the bus go, swish-swish-swish!
  29. Bath time.
  30. Walking around the pond looking at jumping frogs.
  31. North Liberty’s inaugural Porch Festival.
  32. Stories with Papa Jim at George’s 3rd birthday party.

Month 2 – 1SE

Here is month two in Lagneaux Land. Moments captured from June 22-July 21, 2016. Enjoy!

cover snip

  1. Stories and naps.
  2. Playing at the mall.
  3. Driveway beers – we love our neighbors!
  4. Smith reading stories to Brooks.
  5. Folding laundry – while wrapping!
  6. First bottle with Dad.
  7. Bike rides.
  8. Walks.
  9. Pedicures.
  10. Our first road trip to Spirit Lake! (It only took an extra hour and a half! ;))
  11. Shucking corn, yum!
  12. Fun at Arnold’s Park. The fishes and boats were Smith’s favorite.
  13. 4th of July parade in Iowa Falls.
  14. First smiles. And they are oh-so-sweet!
  15. Scott and Jess visit!
  16. Friend gathering.
  17. Breaking Bad binge (and by binge, I mean we watch line one episode a week!)
  18. Blues and BBQ.
  19. Smith made Grandma Barb a birthday cake.
  20. Morning snoozes.
  21. Work trip to Chicago (H&M!).
  22. Happy Birthday Grandma, thanks for staying with us!
  23. Geyer’s Pizza in Oxford.
  24. Smith helping Daddy make hamburgers.
  25. Aaron’s tomato garden.
  26. Alexa (Amazon Echo) signing Itsy Bitsy for Smith.
  27. Yoga, Ahhhhhhh!
  28. So fresh and so clean after bath.
  29. Smith making us coffee cake.
  30. Sprinklers. Hottest.Summer.Ever!

One Second Everyday – Month 1

I’m one of those gals who loves the idea of crafty/keepsake things — yet I don’t always like putting in the effort it takes. Hello Smith’s baby book that has two pages filled in. Don’t judge!!  However, I am excellent at copying ideas from those blessed with the creative juices. So alas, here is my latest little project. Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers/social media personalities, Elise Joy, for sharing this awesome app.

So what is it? It’s called One Second Everyday (1SE) and the idea is that you record one second of your life every day and merge it all together in a video. So my goal is to capture our first year of life as a complete family of four.


Photo cred.

So I plan to share it in this space with a quick note about each second. Consider this my monthly scrapbook;  Month 1 – 1SE.

  1. Brooks is born, his very first photo!
  2. I’m a Momma of two boys, our family of four.
  3. Going home!
  4. Smith sharing his Lovie with Brooks (big deal!!).
  5. A family walk on a nice summer night (ugh, post-preggo bod!)
  6. Cheers! A pit stop at a brewery for my first drink in 10 months.
  7. Meeting Big Grandma for the first time.
  8. Snuggles. All the snuggles!
  9. Cousin Ian’s graduation party.
  10. And then there were nine. All the [Brown] cousins.
  11. A relaxing night at home with our feet up and babes sleeping.
  12. Ice cream truck!!
  13. Milk coma.
  14. Smith picking on Brooks. The first, but not the last, time!
  15. DSM Farmers Market with some great friends.
  16. Cousin Alex’s wedding in Des Moines.
  17. Peaceful sleeper.
  18. Story time with Daddy.
  19. Snack time on our new table (thanks G&G Brown!).
  20. Garage Sale SCORE!
  21. Dinner with friends.
  22. Minion movie at Kinnick.
  23. Brooks cool new stool from G&G Lagneaux.
  24. Play date with the Felton family.
  25. Tummy Time.
  26. Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  27. Brooks loves the swing.
  28. Garage beers with neighbors.
  29. Fire Station fun!
  30. Fathers Day – Swim party and drive in (Finding Dory)!
  31. Tootsie face!
  32. Fishing with Friends.

If I intrigued you with this app – I’m glad. I really do love it! Some helpful hints I learned in my first month.
~Hold your phone horizontally, it fills the frame better.
~Those “moving” photos you can take on an iPhone work great.
~Don’t overthink it. For me it’s about capturing life. All of it. Not every day is fancy!
~Whatever your goal may be, break it down to be manageable. For me, it was more my phone storage that made me chunk it out, but now I’m really excited to turn it in to a digital monthly scrapbook.

2013: What A Year!

How is it that life gets better as the years go on? I honestly consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to be able to say that for me…it really seems to be the case! I’ve spent the last day organizing, filing and printing photos from 2013 and can’t believe how much happened in just one short, fast, year.

So, here we go, some of my best highlights to share.

A trip to Colorado in January to visit our dear friends that live outside of Boulder. We had an absolute incredible time!


Another fun trip, this time to Charleston, South Carolina for a friend’s wedding. What a blast! Five days at a beach house and downtown fun. The only bummer was the weather…and also having to ‘fake drink’ the whole time. I found out the day before we flew out that I was pregnant!


I was fortunate to enjoy a lot of really great shows on stage. Those included; Beauty and the Beast, Legally Blonde, and Rock of Ages.


I had the pleasure of being the ‘Host’ for my niece as she competed for Junior Miss Iowa, and, she won! It’s unreal how fast all my nieces and nephews are growing up.


Another amazing summer passed and I was able to enjoy some wonderful time at Spirit Lake/Okoboji. Here I am, with my first purchase from an Ice Cream Man truck, ever! It just goes to show you, there is always a new adventure, no matter how small, around the corner.


We had some great time with family over the summer months (and all year really!). Here I am with my in-laws (and my fellow preggo!) at a local baseball game.


An epic night at the Delaware County Fair with my family for the Beach Boys concert celebrating my Mom’s birthday. So.Much.Fun!!


Enjoying some ‘simple days’ of wandering downtown with a dear friend, kicking our feet up, and enjoying some frozen yogurt. This photo reminds me how much I enjoyed being pregnant and how lucky I was to have an easy-going with it from start to finish.


Reconnecting with some wonderful ladies for our monthly date. We all got a little too busy to be an actual ‘book club’, so we decided to ditch the book and just get together to do something fun together. Gatherings have included; wine bar, DQ for Miracle Treat Day, Apple Orchard with our families, DISH night (making freezer meals), and a Cookie Exchange.


Jimmy Buffett in Alpine Valley. This will be a yearly highlight as long as we keep going! 🙂 This year was extra fun because my hubs and I brought along many ‘JB Virgins’ with us. And, of course, the show did not disappoint for them!


I was lucky enough to be included for a road trip to Nashville for my dear friend’s 30th birthday celebration. It was super hot. But so much fun. My highlight was the Grand Ole Opry concert and seeing Steven Tyler walk right in front of me!


My husband, and his best friend, turned 30. What more of an excuse do you need to have a party than that!? And a party it was. I’m so lucky to have been welcomed in to such an amazing group of friends. I’m in constant Awe of how much these boys stay in touch between their email list-serve and marathon text message chains. But nothing compares to seeing them all together in the flesh.


And speaking of parties….my Dad’s retirement party. I’m so incredibly proud of his hard work and dedication to Alliant Energy. It’s also been great seeing him enjoy life after work the last couple months of the year.


Having all of these lovely ladies in my life is such a blessing. Whether they are a friend since kindergarten, high school, college or through my husband, each lovely lady means so very much to me. I love having events like a baby shower for the selfish excuse of getting them all together!!


My team at work is so wonderful. Some of our male colleagues participated in No-Shave November, so us ladies wanted in on the fun. So here we are with our ‘stashes’. All our off-sitters are there in spirit!! 🙂


The birth of our first son goes without saying, doesn’t it? The year started off as a continuation of trying to get pregnant, then we found out mid-March that I was, next I spent 40.25 weeks pregnant, and boom….it’s all done. Yet, truly, it’s just beginning.


And we ended the year with another holiday season. A little stressful with a tiny newborn, but becoming a family of three was the best present I could have ever received.


Cheers to you and yours as we say good-bye to 2013. To 2014, I welcome you with open arms!!

Three Years of Wedded Bliss

To my handsome husband: You are simply the best. The BEST I tell ya!

Today marks our 3rd Anniversary. And I hate to brag, and I’m of course 100% biased, but we had the best wedding ever. Likely because we have the best friends and family ever…but also because it’s when we became partners for life. Cheers to us!

A favorite photo from our special day!

I took some time to reflect on what this past year entailed for us. So far, we haven’t had a dull moment. And given our first little nugget comes along here in a few months, something tells me we won’t any time soon!

So here are some highlights:

Our 5th Jimmy Buffett concert together at Alpine Valley. As long as he’s touring, we are there!


Running the Chicago Marathon. Probably one of the highlights of our marriage to date, and honestly, years to come. Training together, running the whole race together, crossing the finish line hand-in-hand. It was amazing. There will be a next one for us some day, but Chicago 2012 will always be our first!


Volunteering together to serve the free Thanksgiving meal to North Liberty residents. It was a great afternoon of giving back. 


Another wonderful holiday season together. We have such great times and memories with both sides of our families.


Visiting our friends in Colorado. What a trip! It was a great way to kick off 2013 and we look forward to many more trips out there exploring other great things the Sunshine State has to offer. Bonus: We also found out here that we were going to be Aunt and Uncle again….#8 is set to arrive this week!!


Another great trip with great friends…attending a friend’s wedding in Charleston, SC. Five days at a house along Folly Beach and exploring historic Charleston. With wedding fun as a bonus! *Fun note here: I found out two days before leaving that I was pregnant. Talk about exciting…but also a bit of a buzz kill as ‘fake drinking’ for 5 days was a bit challenging! ha


Memorial Day weekend…telling the world we are going to be parents…PARENTS! It still doesn’t seem real!


Doing our first triathlon as a relay. I swam, the hubs hates that part anyways, and he finished out with the bike and run. We didn’t set any records, but we had a lot of fun!


Enjoying live music on Lake Okoboji over the 4th of July. It’s our favorite holiday!! It was the perfect afternoon.



And that my friends, pretty much circles us back around to August 2013. Time flies when you are having fun!

In the words of American Pie, “To the next step!”

12 Moments of Christmas

As the actual day of Christmas comes to an end, I feel as though it’s just getting started for me in a way. My family will be celebrating Christmas this coming weekend, so I still have many more moments to look forward to, lucky me! That said, I’ve had some excellent celebrations with my in-laws and we all know pictures say it best. So here are my 12 pictures of Christmas (so far).


That’s a Triple A Lagneaux photo, right there.


The best in-law’s a girl could ask for.




Sister-in-law. She’s the coolest!


Feeling festive with my sassy red lips! 😉


Cliche ‘picture by the tree’ shot.


The man responsible for bringing in to this crazy family. Thank you!


Just because we get older, doesn’t mean we have to grow up. This is my Mother-In-Law’s snowman she built outside her sliding glass door! How cute!


You know, drinking, talking, laughing….playing on phones…






Merry Christmas to you all…from one crazy gang to another!