Every have one of those weekends where nothing was planned, yet you got some really great things done?! I totally had one of those weekends. And after some busy Saturday and Sunday’s prior, it was much needed.

Here’s what I relaxingly (I make up words, FYI) enjoyed:

  • A bike ride
  • Three movies – Safe Haven and Identity Theft. Let’s just say I am glad I Redboxed both! Also, The Business Being Born, a documentary about birthing choices in the US, it was interesting!
  • Attending the GRAND opening of Von Maur in Coralville. Yes, I bought a pair of shoes. More there later! 😉
  • Wandering downtown Iowa City.
  • Sleeping in and pancake breakfast…a favorite tradition for my hubs and I!
  • Putting together a crib and baby dresser. The dresser was from IKEA, so it came in about 2 million pieces. We knocked it out in 2 hours. And stayed married. SUCCESS!


Shirt: Charming Charlie, Leggings: Old Navy, Shoes: BCBG Generation, Purse: Target

Here I am, enjoying some Aspen Leaf (frozen yogurt) with my girlfriend Kinsey as part of our trip downtown Iowa City. Yum!

Well with that, cheers to a new week, nice and refreshed.


Shoe Cleavage

Is it just me, or do these shoes have cleavage?

Shoes: Lovely People via Von Maur

Yup, that is all. 🙂 I just needed to say that out loud after wearing these blue beauties today!

Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned…

My girlfriend and I hit up the mall today in search of dressers for our friend’s upcoming wedding. All I literally wanted was a fresh new little black dress. Easy right?! I swear when you are looking for something specific, you never find it!!

What I did find….the contents of these two special boxes!!!:) Stay tuned for what’s inside!!:)


Chiffon = Comfy

I got an awesome deal on these pants from Von Maur over the weekend, $9!! I love how they can totally be dressed up, but when it comes down to it, they are just comfortable pants. I’ve always been a fan of chiffon!

I had to get a close up of these fun shoes from Aldo. They have a unique form and of course that little touch of sparkle that gives it something extra! 😉

Spring Must Haves

Here are the Top Ten Spring Must Haves this season!

1. Color Block (Sweater, Express; Top, Ebay)
2. Day Clutch (Guess at Von Maur)
3. Leather (Gap)
4. Blue/Green Jewelry (Cookie Lee)
5. Floral (Maxi dress, Anthroplogie; Cascade dress, JC Penny)
6. Ankle Strap Heels (Nine West at
7. Mint Green (Express)
8. Neon (Blazer, Charlotte Russe; Nail Polish, OPI, Shorts, Old Navy)
9. Peplum (New York and Co)
10. Metallic Heels (Aldo)

Some may be a little too daring for your taste, but just remember its all about making the trends work for YOU! Can’t rock a neon short short? Spice up your nails instead! Not a fan of mint green on your skin tone? Incorporate the color as a belt on your favorite LBD. The possibilites are endless…enjoy!!

What trends will you be trying out? Share your stories and photos!

Is This Heaven!?

Nope, it’s the Von Maur shoe closet at Valley West!! Oddly enough, nothing struck my fancy enough to buy…but it was still an amazing site to see!! I hit up all my favorite stores in the Des Moines area and came away with a few fun new pieces…I’ll share them soon!!


Because She Said So, That’s Why!

As mentioned, I had a lovely birthday this week. My parents sent me a Visa gift card (best gift ever!), so I called to say thank you and my Mom and she said that no matter what I buy, I must top it with a pair of shoes. Ummmm, OKAY!!! So here is the winning pair! I actually spotted these Steve Madden wedges months ago at Von Maur but told myself I didn’t need them (see, sometimes I have self-control!). But as I was browsing TJ Maxx, I found these beauties again…marked down TJ Maxx style…then on sale from that; costing only $29.00, for a total savings of 63% from the first time I spotted them!! BOOM! Meant to be!

I mean after all, no matter how old you get, you still need to listen to what you Mom says, right!?!!