Three Years of Wedded Bliss

To my handsome husband: You are simply the best. The BEST I tell ya!

Today marks our 3rd Anniversary. And I hate to brag, and I’m of course 100% biased, but we had the best wedding ever. Likely because we have the best friends and family ever…but also because it’s when we became partners for life. Cheers to us!

A favorite photo from our special day!

I took some time to reflect on what this past year entailed for us. So far, we haven’t had a dull moment. And given our first little nugget comes along here in a few months, something tells me we won’t any time soon!

So here are some highlights:

Our 5th Jimmy Buffett concert together at Alpine Valley. As long as he’s touring, we are there!


Running the Chicago Marathon. Probably one of the highlights of our marriage to date, and honestly, years to come. Training together, running the whole race together, crossing the finish line hand-in-hand. It was amazing. There will be a next one for us some day, but Chicago 2012 will always be our first!


Volunteering together to serve the free Thanksgiving meal to North Liberty residents. It was a great afternoon of giving back. 


Another wonderful holiday season together. We have such great times and memories with both sides of our families.


Visiting our friends in Colorado. What a trip! It was a great way to kick off 2013 and we look forward to many more trips out there exploring other great things the Sunshine State has to offer. Bonus: We also found out here that we were going to be Aunt and Uncle again….#8 is set to arrive this week!!


Another great trip with great friends…attending a friend’s wedding in Charleston, SC. Five days at a house along Folly Beach and exploring historic Charleston. With wedding fun as a bonus! *Fun note here: I found out two days before leaving that I was pregnant. Talk about exciting…but also a bit of a buzz kill as ‘fake drinking’ for 5 days was a bit challenging! ha


Memorial Day weekend…telling the world we are going to be parents…PARENTS! It still doesn’t seem real!


Doing our first triathlon as a relay. I swam, the hubs hates that part anyways, and he finished out with the bike and run. We didn’t set any records, but we had a lot of fun!


Enjoying live music on Lake Okoboji over the 4th of July. It’s our favorite holiday!! It was the perfect afternoon.



And that my friends, pretty much circles us back around to August 2013. Time flies when you are having fun!

In the words of American Pie, “To the next step!”


Destination Spring Break 2013

Oh Spring Break, you’d seem so much more real if it was nice out…everywhere in the US! Regardless it came time to pack for my five day trip to Charleston for a dear friend’s wedding.

So here is how I planned things out:
First off, options for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Second, a variety of outfits top to bottom, jewelry and shoes included.

Third, a few extra shirt options to go with a couple extra jeans thrown in.

Finally, a couple scarves and a blazer to tie me over when it gets chilly.


Lastly, throw in some running gear, jammies, undergarments (yes I’ve forgotten that part before!!), toiletries…and then like 10 more articles of clothing and you’re set!!

What’s your packing system; a list person? a by-day person? a throw-it-all-in person? I love hearing tips!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today is my 2nd anniversary with my dreamy hubs that I love more than I did then…which is pretty crazy to think about!
I will always look back fondly on our wedding day. Friends and family from near and far; dancing, sweating, singing and drinking like we were one big happy family. And since that day, we have been.



To my hubs:
Thank you for loving me just the way I am. On good days and bad days. Thanks for making us a team that seems to make it all work in our own crazy way. Thank you for keeping adventure in our lives and a smile on my face. Thanks for being you. Cheers to another great year gone and many fabulous ones ahead!

Two Thumbs-Up Wedding

I was honored to not only be invited, but to be apart of a wedding over the weekend for my dear friend Tori and her new hubby Jason in Milwaukee, WI. Talk about getting it right folks! Every detail was nailed down, they chose a great city and a beautiful venue, the food was delicious, but most importantly, the two of them were glowing every second of the weekend.  Here are some photo highlights!

The girls enjoying lunch on Friday.

Getting nails done, of course!

The hubs and I enjoyed the break of activities and wandered Milwaukee. Wouldn’t you know, we found a ski show! These men are flying 210+ in the air. So cool!

We followed that up with a beverage stop on the River Walk.

Shirt: Von Maur, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx, Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Hair: I call this my “I don’t have motivation to care because of all the running and heat this summer so I wear a ponytail almost every day” look!! 😉

I turned the camera around on my hubs. His style is his own! 😉

Rehearsal time! Look at these looovely ladies! Check out the custom jersey T’s bridemaids got her!! Nice!

The most beautiful bride I ever did see!! Moments before walking down to see Jason for the first time. Calming her was my favorite Personal Attendant duty. 🙂

Party time! It’s all in the details…they had a movie theme and it was SO MUCH fun! They re-created every movie poster of their favorite blockbusters. 

I’ve decided that the first dance is officially my favorite part of a wedding. I always wonder what the bride and groom are talking about. 

This was towards the end of the celebration, we looked pretty good after breaking it out on the dance floor all night!!

Another big congrats to such a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to continue being apart of your lovely, new, married life!

Summer Highlight #2 – Michigan Roadtrip

My hubby and I headed up to the great state of Michigan back in June for my cousin’s wedding. She’s my Godmother and I had the honor to read a prayer during their ceremony. We got to enjoy the great area where they live, outside of the Detroit area. Thanks for including us in your special weekend Lorri!

Aaron and I with Mark and Lorri, aka, Bride and Groom. We enjoyed pizza with a view at Mark’s boat house (he’s a rowing coach!).

Wedding day, outside the church with my own handsome groom!

My summer LBD. A surprise to see some sparkle, I’m sure! 😉

I’ll go ahead and call these my sexy shoes!!!

Back at Mark and Lorri’s house for an evening of food, drinks, boat rides and fun! Their house was gorgeous with so much character.

With the Bride!

Capped off the night with a boat ride!

My hubs and I finished off our trip visiting my girlfriend, hubby, and her precious baby girl for the day, also in the Detroit area. Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t grab a single photo with them. Another epic fail. I know she got some though, so I’ll have to steal a couple and update this post. Stay tuned! Meggs…help!!

PS-this was also the trip that finally motivated us to take the iPad plunge. As expected, we freakin’ love it. Watching movies is the way to travel people!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

You know those really awesome love stories where two best friends end up falling in love and living happily ever after? I’m very happy say, I do. Pun intended! 😉

I was able to enjoy my friend Adam and Courtney’s wedding over the weekend and it was every bit as fabulous as I had imagined it to be!! It all started with a beautiful rehearsal dinner and post-backyard party.

I’m a bit biased, but I had the best looking date there:

Work it ladies (I LOVE summer dresses!): 

Rockin’ the one shoulder with the lovely Lindsay:

Dress: Ugly Peanut boutique, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Jewels: Cookie Lee

And here is when I, very sadly, admit that I didn’t snap a single picture of the wedding. HELLO!!! What was I thinking!??!?! Epic blogger fail. I’ll update if I find any around on social media for those that were better in capturing the day! I guess I was just too busy having an awesome time. It happens!

Weekend Shoe Report

I’m slacking a bit this weekend on my report…my apologies! But MAN…what a weekend. I had a rehearsal dinner for my husband and I’s friend Friday, took the GMAT test Saturday morning, went to said wedding Saturday evening and led a bike ride fundraising event today. And all of this after starting a new job last week! Wow…let’s just say it was an awesome weekend but I am glad it is over! 😉

Isn’t my husband a handsome groomsmen!?! I sure think so! I loved my colorful little ensemble. Little did I know putting this bright look together that every other lovely lady there was set to wear their best LBD!

Nothing beats getting a room full of friends together. FUN.NIGHT!

Dress: Maurices
Shoes: Guess via DSW
Earrings: Francesca’s
Bracelets: Forever21